i AM yoga

I AM Yoga is a soul care equipping ministry for body, mind, and heart that invites students to embrace their sacred worth.  I AM Yoga is built on three LIFE principles:  Practice, Presence, and Peace.  Dedication to these principles equips you for the art of loving well and living well by learning to become more present to God, yourself and others.


Teacher: Lorilise Scarborough
Jan 21; Feb 4, 18; Mar 3, 17 | 6:30-7 pm | Main Auditorium, by the Cross
A contemplative practice where participants simply sit as a group to listen for God’s direction.  Gathering together is part of I AM’s desire to cultivate a contemplative prayer and meditation community.  
All are welcome, chairs provided, no yoga postures; no meditation experience is necessary.
No cost for Meditation Sits.

I AM Visible

Visual Journaling Wellness Practice.*  Learn simple journaling techniques using a variety of media including pens, markers, paint, pastels, and collage, to intuitively build layers, play, and “wreck the page.”  
Creative expression as a wellness practice is proven to increase positive emotions, decrease depressive symptoms, reduce stress responses, and improve immune function.
Open to all teens and adults.

All class supplies provided. NO ART EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. M-5:15 pm (75 mins). *Not meeting Jan-Mar

I AM Restored

Surrender and stillness are the antidotes to physical and mental fatigue.
Blankets, bolsters and blocks gently support the body to release held tension and promote a calm mind and renewed spirit.

M-5:15 pm | W-6:30 pm (75 mins)

I AM Rejuvenated

Awaken and energize all systems in your body. Linking breath with movement, this invigorating class elevates the heart rate, builds strength and stamina, improves balance, and increases mental focus.
Designed for those desiring to begin a dedicated practice or deepen an existing practice.
Tu-9:30 am (75 mins); Wed-6:30 am (1 hour)

I AM Refined

Experience Sacred Stillness and deeper communion with God in this hour long Christian meditation class.
Each class introduces contemplative techniques and aids in making the connection between traditional meditation methods and Christ-centering prayer and introspection.
No physical yoga postures.
Tu-11:15 am (1 hour)

I AM Released

Free the body and mind from stress and tension. A unique blend of longer-held poses (Yin-style) and deep, mindful rest during which one may experience contemplative moments.
Mo-7:00 pm (75 mins); Tu-4:30 pm (1 hour)

I AM Now*

Girls leave equipped to hear their hearts more clearly, have peace with their bodies, focus on being truly present, and connect with self and others with increased positivity, confidence and kindness.
Tu-6:00 pm (1 hour)

I AM Renewed

Enjoy fresh strength while softening and opening to receive love and time set apart for your own soul. Grounded and alert, you depart joy-filled to serve others well and live on purpose. You. Made New.
W-9 am (75 mins); Th-9 am (1 hour)

I AM Refreshed

Slow down by moving wisely and compassionately, and resting in relaxed poses that facilitate deep sense of well-being. Excellent for persons with physical limitations.
W-12 Noon (75 mins)