Route 22 Challenge
Small Group Questions

Matthew 20:17-28

When you were a kid, how would have you described “greatness”?

Who did you think was “great,” and why?

1. Read Matthew 20:17-19
  •  Jesus was well aware of His earthly fate. This is the third of Jesus’ Passion Predictions, when He speaks of His death (see Matthew 16:21 and 
Matthew 17:22-23). Why do you think Jesus repeats Himself on this issue?
  •  Put yourself in the place of the disciples. How would have you reacted?

2. Read Matthew 20:20-23.
  •  Immediately after Jesus again predicts His death, the mother of James and John comes to Jesus and asks for seats of honor for her boys. Despite the terrible timing, Jesus doesn’t condemn this woman. Why do you think Jesus answers her the way He does?

3. Read Matthew 20:24-28.
  •  Discuss how the world defines and describes “greatness” today?
  •  Jesus doesn’t condemn “greatness,” He changes the scorecard and redefines it.
Who has impressed you with “Jesus-Greatness”? In what ways?
  •  Where (family, work, church, etc.) and how does Jesus’ call to servanthood challenge you the most?
  •  Discuss the statement: “The real test of servanthood is how you respond when someone treats you like a servant.”

4. Read 1 Peter 5:5.
  •  What is the connection between pride and “greatness” as defined by culture?
  •  Without naming names, if have you been close to someone who was filled with pride and trying to be “great” as defined by culture, describe how you felt in that person’s presence.
  •  Why do you think God opposes the proud?

5. Read Philippians 2:1-11.
  • How will you strive to be Jesus-Great this week by “having the same mindset as Christ Jesus”?